Paul Smith’s Cessna 185 with Leading Edge Exhaust

Just thought i would let you know how my new exhaust is going. I’m “Super Stoked”.¬† I’ve done 400hr in our 185 the last 6 months conducting skydive operations in Australia and can see a good¬† improvement in the power/climb & CHT/EGT’s. The climb to 14k is about 2 minutes faster with a full load of skydivers, which works out to be about 2 litres less in fuel! In Australian $ that’s over 4 bucks a load… 1600 skydiving loads a year, that’s a good saving!

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"The new exhaust system has been a definite asset "

I immediately noticed a considerable difference in take-off performance off the water.

Quinn Darichuk

Macintyre Lake Lodge
Saskatchewan,Canada full review

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