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Notice: We’re not into high production copycat designs using 50 year old outdated technology…. What we are into is: High Performance, Innovative Design and Reliability!

What exhaust systems do you manufacture?

What Model Aircraft?

What is the price?


1)      Cessna 210- $2750.00 per set of 2 collectors; 1 L/H and 1 R/H
2)      Cessna 205- $2750.00 per set of 2 collectors; 1 L/H and 1 R/H
3)      Cessna 206- $2750.00 per set of 2 collectors; 1 L/H and 1 R/H
4)      Cessna 207- $2750.00 per set of 2 collectors; 1 L/H and 1 R/H

Aircraft Make and Designation Original Type Certificate Number Certification Basis
210-5(205), 210-5A(205A)
3A21 CAR3

5) Cessna 180 PMCF Dual Exhaust- $6395.00 – Complete Dual Exhaust System for aircraft fitted with an O470 Continental engine.

6) Cessna 182 PMCF Dual Exhaust- $6395.00 – Complete Dual Exhaust System for aircraft fitted with an O470 Continental engine.

7) Cessna 185 PMCF Dual Exhaust- $6095.00 – Complete Dual Exhaust System

Note: if you have an IO520 or IO550 engine installed check with the STC holder to see if they used the stock exhaust for the STC flight testing. If they did, then our system more than likely can be installed since it is an FAA/PMA approved replacement for the stock OEM exhaust system.                                                                    

Piper Exhaust Systems                                                           

PA-18, PA18S, PA18 105”(Special l), PA-18A, PA18 125″, (Army L2 1A), PA-18S “125”, PA-18 BAS 125″, PA-18“135m (Army L21 B), PA-18 BA “135“, PA18S 135, PA1BAS- 135,PA-181501 PA1BA 150, PA18S150, PA1BAS 150, PA-1 9 (Army L18C)and PA-19S. 

8)     Piper PA-18- 150 HP RMW/ CAHF-$4395.00 – Complete system.
9)     Piper PA-18 -160Hp RMW/ CAHF – $4395.00 – Complete system.
10)   Piper PA-18 – 180 HP RMW/ CAHF -$4895.00- Complete system.
11)   Piper PA-12, PA-12S RMW/ CAHF 150 HP Short Mount-$4395.00 – Complete system.
12)   Piper PA-12, PA-12S RMW/ CAHF 160 HP Short Mount-$4395.00- Complete system.
13)   Piper PA-12, PA-12S RMW/ CAHF 180 Hp Short Mount- $4895.00 – Complete system.
14)   Piper PA-12 RMW/ CAHF 150 Hp Long Mount -$4495.00 – Complete system.
15)   Piper PA-12 RMW/ CAHF 160 Hp Long Mount- $4495.00 – Complete system.
16)   Piper PA -20- 150 HP RMW/ CAHF-  Contact Wayne Law, KW Aviation PA-20/22 STC holder for current pricing -801-920-4518
17)   Piper PA -20- 160 HP RMW/ CAHF- Contact Wayne Law, KW Aviation PA-20/22 STC holder for current pricing -801-920-4518
18)   Piper PA -20- 180 HP RMW/ CAHF- Contact Wayne Law,  KW Aviation PA-20/22 STC holder for current pricing -801-920-4518


Maule IO540 engine, Estimated cost $6500.00; in progress, has not been approved yet.

US product specific aircraft market; Total 30,000 in the US.

Including the many foreign countries we regularly sell and export our products to, makes the market size much larger; Canada, Australia, New Zealand , Nairobi, Kenya, Nigeria, Norway, Sweden, France, Chile, Colombia, Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa, Spain, Mexico… and more

What about back pressure?

Typically the back pressure is reduced by 50% or more and it is much better balanced between all the cylinders. Lower back pressure results in lower CHT’s and better balanced EGT’s. Lowering the CHT’s can equate to longer life and a much faster recovery after a long sustained steep climb out. An example of better balanced back pressure is the Super Cub exhaust; the stock exhaust system had back pressure over 2 psi and LEES’ exhaust system had total back pressure lowered by 50% and all 4 cylinders are balanced to within .05 psi. More RPM, typically 50-75 increase in static and up to 300 increase in straight and level flight. Some customers have had their prop re-pitched resulting in the same increase in climb out with heavy gross loads but a faster cruise speed….the best of both worlds.

What about tuned exhaust?

Please read the very in-depth white paper:     Tuned Versus Equal Length Pipes

Published on the What’s News! page! On our website: wemakeyoufly.mixedmediagraphics.com

We custom make each exhaust system as a custom order using equal length primary tubes starting at the exhaust outlet  egressing through 1 pipe for each cylinder that greatly reduces turbulent flow. LEES’ much more efficient laminar exhaust flow egresses into a 3-1 collector and/ or a single baffle; reducing back pressure thus increasing rpm, horsepower and torque. We do not stack exhaust impulses from more than one cylinder into the same tube. We use only premium grade material and a heavier wall for exhaust system component longevity. We do not use stamped out half segments that are seam welded nor do we ever have any exhaust primary tubes from different cylinders attached to another one before it enters the collector outlet; each cylinder has its own separate primary tube.

In order to obtain equal length and longer primary tubes on most of our systems we use compound complex bends; some with back to back 1D bends with plane rotation and as little as .035” of straight between tangents. Mandrel bending compound complex bends is very time consuming and incorporates very expensive tooling but is worth the power gains attained. LEES bends some of the most difficult bends anywhere in the industry.

What about warranty?

LEES’ products have the best warranty in the business! All our products start out with the typical 1 year unlimited hours warranty but after some time in service it increases; the Cessna 205/210 pipes have a 2000 hour 20 year warranty and the Piper RMW/ CAHF has 1000 hours or ten years. It is not uncommon for the Cessna 205/210 pipes to last through 3 engine TBO’s; as a lot of the 206 and 207’s used in the very important air taxis in Alaska have witnessed. The 206 and 207 collectors can be completely rebuilt by LEES’ FAA approved welding and NDT repair station FG4R179M for a fraction of the cost of new ones; the only LEES approved repair station is our own. Piper muffler baffles have a life span of about 2500-3000 hours.

Placing an order?

Thoroughly review the product page and email us at Performance@wemakeyoufly.com.

We do not stock any systems because there might be some slight variations between engines. The products may very well still utilize the same basic parts but the specific aircraft model you have, might require some minor changes; Super Cub is an example of the 150, 160 and 180Hp systems being the same but the 180Hp engine is wider requiring longer primary tubes. Not dedicating the entire bend run allows us some flexibility with fine tuning the final product to better fit the customer needs.

One important thing you can do to guarantee you get a system and you aren’t AOG, is to have your name put on that specific product “Build List”. Your order will be prioritized in the order it was received. You will be contacted when your name rolls to the top for the down payment.

What about advanced orders?

We no longer accept any “paid in full” advanced orders. 40% down locks in your order with the balance being due upon completion. This new policy is the only way of taking advanced orders.

We are working on expanding our work force to better fulfill your orders.

Thank you,
Dane Wagner,
Owner, Leading Edge Exhaust Systems. LLC

Our Custom Pipes are built to order - be sure and get your requests in early. (more...)


"I gained approx. 8-10kts , in air speed "

I gained approx. 8-10kts , in air speed in wheel ski configuration

Macintyre Lake Lodge
Northern Saskatchewan
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