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Dane Wagner
Founder of Leading Edge Exhaust Systems

Leading Edge Exhaust Systems, LLC was founded by Dane Wagner in January 1995. The primary reason was to develop new innovative exhaust systems for a variety of General Aviation aircraft. Our sister company, ABC Mechanical Services (FAA Approved Repair Station FG4R179M) was the impetus for starting LEES. ABC was founded in 1985 and within 2 years was certified to do a myriad of welding and nondestructive testing.

After performing literally thousands of repairs it was obvious what was needed to develop entirely new systems. This led to LEES which is responsible for new product development and manufacturing. Being involved in auto racing, since a young age, inspired Wagner to incorporate existing automotive technology into LEES product line. He has welded at the Indy 500 in 1994 and has an open invitation to participate at the Lincoln Electric Welding Shop, N15.( see photo’s in photo gallery). The inherent design flaws were identified in OEM systems and new prototypes were developed. Radical design changes were made and were unique enough to receive numerous US Patents.

One of the main challenges was to incorporate laminar flow technology in systems that would be direct replacements and still fit within the confines of the existing cowlings as well as meet FAA/EPA noise limitations. We do not use the standard stamped out half sections that are welded along a longitudinal seam. This style can create transverse flow before the exhaust gases exit the collector resulting in greater back pressure, turbulence and overheating. All of our systems utilize separate equal length mandrel bent primary tubes that act as an individual exhaust pipe for each cylinder. This helps balance the cylinders with regard to back pressure, cylinder head temperatures and also helps eliminate hot spots that are very common in existing systems.

All of our products are FAA/PMA approved. Our goal at Leading Edge Exhaust Systems, LLC is to design and build exciting new exhaust systems that perform well and most importantly are reliable. We will not compromise quality. Our products are competitively priced and use only premium grade materials.We are setting the standards for General Aviation aircraft systems now and into the future! Please check our website regularly for new product updates.

About Dane Wagner – Revised July 2010

  • Private Pilot in Alaska for 25 years SES, and SEL private.
  • Welding certifications: University of Alaska, i.e. National Welding Codes- ASME Section IX pipe and structural, API 1104 pipe, AWS structural, Aircraft and Missile Welders Mil Std 1595A, Stainless and Aluminum.
  • Welded at the “Indy 500” and have open invitation to the welding shop in “Gasoline Alley”.
  • Certified in the following welding processes: SMAW-Stick, GMAW-Mig, GTAW-Tig, FCAW-Flux Cored, Oxy Acetylene- OAW
  • American Society for Non Destructive Testing Certifications: Level II ASNT TC1A in Penetrant Testing-PT, Magnetic Particle-MT, Radiography-RT, Ultrasonic Testing-UT and Eddy Current Testing-ET.
  • +10 years DOD Power Plant Equipment Mechanic i.e. Steam Turbines, ASME Welding, NDT, Boilers, Coal Conveyor Systems, EPA Pollution Monitoring, Centrifuges, Multi Stage Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps, Vibration Analysis, Single and Two Plane Dynamic Balancing, etc.
  • Basic and Advanced IRD Mechanalysis Vibration Analysis and Dynamic Balancing- Chadwick Helmuth Prop Balancing- NRI Basic and Advanced Small Engine Repair – Mechanical Engineering Steam Plant Operation, University of Wisconsin- State Of Alaska First Class Fireman’s License for Coal Fired Power Plants-Chrysler Airtemp Heating and Air Conditioning Service Engineering- Numerous US Patents- Twice Nominated for the Lemelson MIT Inventor’s Award- Several US Registered Trademarks, etc that helped me gain my FAA Approved Welding and NDT Repair Station FG4R179M License in 1986.

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"We have over 2800 hours on the same Leading Edge exhaust "

You have an exceptionally fine product that will benefit any aviation company´s bottom line if they will only give it a try! It is worth it, worth it, worth it!!!

Lisa Priewe
Priewe Air Service- DBA Cook Inlet air Service
Anchorage, AK
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