Janos Kovacs’ Cessna 182K with Leading Edge Exhaust

My experience after your PMCF dual exhaust system was installed on C-182K -67′ with almost 200 flight hours is:
• The fuel burning was reduced from 60 to 57 liters!!
• The take- off was reduced by nearly half.(with combination STOL kit).
• Climb rating to 3000m reduced from 20min to 17 min.
• Climb rating to 3500m 21-22 min.

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"The design and integrity of these systems will be hard to surpass "

I have added 8 sets of Leading Edge Exhaust System manifolds to my fleet over the past 1-½ years and have yet to experience any exhaust leakage

Bryan Andrus
Director of Maintenance
Arctic Transportation Services
Anchorage, AK
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