Brad Libby’s Cessna with Leading Edge Exhaust System

Testimonial: The exhaust on my Cessna A185F on Aerocet 3500L has made a difference. Yesterday, I left with full fuel, 4 people, baggage with 90F temperatures and no wind. With the new exhaust, the airplane is an animal, breaking the water and climbing at 1000 FPM. The exhaust lowered my CHTs by 20-30 degrees, evened out my EGTs to +/- 40 degrees and increased my airspeed on floats 2-3 knots. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the new exhaust.

Brad Libby, Chief Executive Officer, The Motorbrain Group

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"3200 maintenance free hours "

I have used a Leading edge Exhaust on my Cessna 206 for 3200 maintenance free hours.

S. Elg

Regal Air
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