“Warning Beware!”

As most of you who have dealt with Leading learned through publication on Leading Edge Exhaust Systems´ website our mandrel bending production came to a halt in October, 2011 due to a faulty Pines´ “Dial-A- Bend” processor.

Long story short, I contracted bending for 2-1/2″ 1D and 4″ Center Line Radius 90 degree bends. I sent the box of tubing to “Tube Technology” located in Santa Ana California in hopes of having the elbows ready to use upon my return from Cleveland in November, 2011. We had previously dealt with the supposed owner, “Jim Mendez“.

Much to my chagrin, upon my return, the elbows were not sent as promised by “Jim Mendez“. It is my understanding he is the owner of “Tube Technology“. I immediately called and inquired about the delay. Jim informed me the tubing I sent and he used to pull a bend, was too hard and wrinkled at 45 degrees into the bend, so he stopped. He said the tubing was too hard and I asked what he based that on… did he perform a Rockwell test or Tensile Pull? He said no, he just knew it was too hard to successfully bend.

I asked him to provide me with heat number on the tubing. He acted somewhat dumfounded and asked me what it was. I told him to send me the heat number and I would check the cert sheets we are required to have on all material used in our manufacturing process. I told him I would check the elongation based on the heat number he was going to provide. I told him it is the same heat he bent the last time and the bends turned out fine.

He never sent me anything. I became upset with the delay and insisted he send my tubing back. He said he was sorry about getting back to me, but had a death in the family. I told him I was sorry to hear that, but he was putting me in a very difficult position with my customers, who were expecting their exhaust system orders.

A few more weeks transpired, so I called again and heard the same -death in the family – story. I decide to contact my lawyer and he advised me to contact the BBB and Santa Ana Police department and I did. I also filed a complaint with the California State Attorney General´s office. I also wrote to the Alaska State Attorney General´s office as well as writing to our Washington DC Congressional representatives.

I gave Jim an ultimatum that I receive the original tubing plus pre- paid shipping or I was going to seek legal remedies requiring “Tube Technology” purchase a random 18´- 24´ length of 2-1/2″x .049″ 321 stainless steel tubing. My supplier will not fill orders that are not full lengths.

I told Jim if I didn´t receive exactly what I requested I would post this letter as well as corroborating emails on the “What´s News?” page on our websitewemakeyoufly.mixedmediagraphics.com.

I went on to say… if there are any other companies out there with the same company name and it is a registered trademark there was a good chance they would request “Jim Mendez” change the “Tube Technology” name to something else so there would be no confusion whose company it is. I explained that once it gets published on Google, the company with whom we advertise with, it will not go away. I have intentionally underlined both the “Tube Technology” name as well as the name with whom I dealt with, “Jim Mendez“.

The following email is the last and most recent one sent to “Jim Mendez“, 3-29-12:

Jim, please email me the tracking number. Are you sending my original tubing back? Please don´t send any that has been brushed or has the heat number removed. I have to show FAA all my stock has the appropriate PO as well as it matches the certs when I received it. The elongation and physical constituents have to match the incoming receiving paperwork or I am not allowed to use it. Let me know ASAP if you´re returning the tubing I sent to you. I need to know today and must receive the tubing I sent you by the deadline date I gave you in the earlier emails. Time now is 5:20pm AST.


Here is the reply I received from “Jim Mendez” on 3-30-12:

Mailed them this morning

Sent from my HTC on the Now Network from Sprint!

Earlier Email to Mendez 3-27-12:

Jim, as you are aware of by now…I filed a claim with the Attorney General´s Office in both California and Alaska as well as spoke with the Santa Ana Police. I also have written to my Congressional Representatives in seeking retribution for you ripping me off. The next step is to publish it on my website that will be picked up by Google since I advertise with them. Type in “Leading Edge Exhaust Systems”, “We Make You Fly” or my personal name,” Dane Wagner” and see how many pages come up. Now type in your name and you as well as some other companies do appear, maybe one or more times, with the same   name. With that being said, once it is on Google it will never go away. I have several US Registered Trademarks as well as 7 US Patents. I can tell you once your company name” Tube Technology” appears; it will undoubtedly bring it to the forefront. I will make sure I use your personal name too since you´re the person I dealt with.

If I don´t hear back from you by April 3, 2012 I will publish my “Warning” along with some corroborating emails, on the “What´s News?” page on my website. I want you to replace my tubing by purchasing a random length 18´ to 24´ @$35.00 per foot of 2-1/2″ X .049″ 321 SS tubing with cert sheets including shipping charges. You are now on notice. I am not worried about you suing me because I have done everything I could do, in a very fair way. You need to get on with it, because I´m going to have it published by April 4
th if you don´t step up to the plate and be responsible for the crime you committed.

I´ll be waiting,


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