The PA-18-150/160 Hp model exhausts were recently approved to include the new RMW and CAHF as options to the original STC´s.

The Revised Muffler Weldment, RMW, and the new Carburetor Heat Flange, CAHF, are now approved for all models shown on the approved model list, AML. The 180 Hp model is currently undergoing carburetor heat testing and should be approved soon. The RMW muffler has exactly the same high performance internal baffles as the standard issue muffler. Most external flanges welded to the can are needed for carb heat generation have now been removed, substantially decreasing the parallel to the grain fillet welds and increasing life expectancy. It´s not uncommon for our muffler baffles to last over 2000 hours. The RMW muffler can now be used entirely for cabin heat which is a real plus in cold weather. The left side is utilized for main cabin heat and the right side is for rear seat heat. The carburetor heat is now generated in the CAHF. The RMW muffler has a 1000 hour/10 year warranty. If you place and order for a new exhaust system.

The PA-18 150/160 Hp exhaust systems with the Carburetor Heat Flange, CAHF is priced at $3495.00. RMW and CAHF can be ordered separately to upgrade the original exhaust system. Call for current prices.

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"I gained approx. 8-10kts , in air speed "

I gained approx. 8-10kts , in air speed in wheel ski configuration

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