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The Piper PA-12-150/160 Long mount test plan will be submitted shortly as a plane has been identified to be utilized during the upcoming climb/cooling and carburetor heat tests. The test plan is supposed to cover both the 150/160 “Short mount” and “Long mount” applications.


Leading Edge Exhaust Systems, LLC has sold their famous “Born to Perform” trademark to Jaguar, a division of Ford Motor Company. Leading Edge Exhaust Systems’ new trademark and domain name is and their new e-mail address

PA-12 -180HP Exhaust System Assembly is now approved and available for sale. LEES is presently taking orders. Call toll free for pricing- 1-888-534-3343. Upcoming tests will be for the PA-12-150HP and 160HP short mounts. The PA-12-150 & 160 HP long mount will follow shortly thereafter.

*Super Performance 6-04-Customer Dyno Test completed at LY-CON Engine Rebuilding. Gain 16Hp and 27lb/ft of torque with Leading Edge Exhaust Systems’ P/N PA-18-150ESA and 150HP Lycoming O-320-A2B engine.

*Super Performance 6-04-Customer Dyno Test completed at LY-CON Engine Rebuilding. Gain 13Hp and 22lb/ft of torque with Leading Edge Exhaust Systems’ P/N PA-18-160ESA and 160HP Lycoming O-320B2B engine.

*Super Performance 6-04-Customer Dyno Test completed at LY-CON Engine Rebuilding, Gain 22Hp and 20lb/ft of torque with Leading Edge Exhaust Systems’ P/N PA-18-180ESA and 180Hp Lycoming O-360-A1A engine.

Dyno Test Results reflects the difference in Hp and torque using the same engine whencomparing the OEM (stock) or “other” Super Cub exhaust systems to the Leading Edge Exhaust Systems’ part number listed.

Note: Dyno test information is obtained doing static pulls on an aircraft engine dynamometer. The following test was conducted at LY-CON Engine Rebuilding. The results are presented for “professional pilots” and mechanics that assume when baffles are removed from the muffler, the engine will produce more horsepower and torque. The test results will probably surprise you. With no baffles in muffler and the engine leaned to peak rpm the enginelost 2 Hp and 7lb/ft of torque and in the full rich mode the loss was an additional 3 Hp and 3lb/ ft of torque. The total loss was 5Hp and 10lb/ft of torque, full rich, when compared to the same Leading Edge Super Cub Exhaust System PA-18-150ESA with muffler baffles installed and leaned to best rpm.

Attention High Performance Experimental Crowd! Check this out. Using LY-CON’s “Bad Boy” 11:1 compression 160 Hp. Exp. engine and Leading Edge Exhaust Systems’ P/N PA-18-160ESA together pulled 197 HP and an unbelievable 371.2 lb/ft of torque. That is more torque than the 180Hp engine produced with nearly the same Hp.

LEES just received US Patent # 6,796,402 for the unique muffler design the new Cessna 180,182 & 185 “Cross Flow” dual exhaust system.

LEES new Cessna-180 “Cross Flow” exhaust was recently dyno proven at LY-CON Engine Rebuilding. Gain 13Hp and 28lb/ft of torque over the stock exhaust system on an O470 engine leaned to 2600 rpm using the new Leading Edge Exhaust Systems’, LLC “Cross Flow” dual exhaust system.

The latest Dyno test was done at LY-CON Engine Rebuilding using one of Ken’s IO550 Exp. 11:1 compression ratio engines. It pulled 354 Hp and 668 lb/ft of torque with the stock Cessna exhaust system @ 2700rpm’s. Using Leading Edge Exhaust Systems’ new “Cross Flow” dual exhaust system it pulled 381 Hp and 708 lb/ ft of torque @ 2700rpm’s, a 27 Hp gain and 40 lb/ft of torque!

*Dyno tests performed at LY-CON Engine RebuildingLY-CON Engine Rebuilding is the largest FAA certified engine rebuilding shop on the United States west coast. LY-CON is a Lycoming / Continental distributor and is FAA certified for Lycoming OEM rebuilding. LY-CONalso builds a wide array of high power, high performance experimental engines.

LY-CON Engine Rebuilding is located in Visalia California, Phone number- 1-559-651-1070, Fax number – 1-559-651-3212, e-mail and website


Leading Edge Exhaust Systems,LLC is now accepting advance orders for the Pre-55 Cessna 180 aircraft dual exhaust systems. Exhaust Systems will include new US Patented 3-1 exhaust collectors, two new mufflers, shrouds, tailpipes and hardware. Each advance order sale price, $3495 that is $500 less than the anticipated sales price of $3995.00. Each advance order will receive a priority number. The priority number will be printed on the invoice/receipt. The exhaust systems will be built and delivered in the same priority number sequence. Customers are urged to place orders as soon as possible due to the anticipated high demand. Anticipated STC approval time is one year. Leading Edge Exhaust Systems, LLC reserves the right to terminate this offer at their own discretion. After approval for the early model Cessna180’s LEES will concentrate their efforts on the newly patented “Cross Flow” dual exhaust system for the later model Cessna 180, 182 and 185’s.

LEES is starting the FAA approval process for the Cessna 180, 182 & 185 muffler baffle kits. Kits will be approved for sale and installation by other facilities. LEES separate repair station will also install them for a flat rate. LEES is going to offer, what we feel is, the best warranty in the country. Our Cessna US Patented, FAA/PMA approved 205/210 exhaust collectors offers a 2000 hour or 20 year warranty. Muffler baffle warranty will be 1000 hours or 5 years. Other common muffler baffles usually offer 1 year/unlimited hours. One of LEES’ customers has a set of the new US Patented 185 muffler baffles installed that presently has 2000 hours on them. LEES experience with muffler baffles has shown that the OEM muffler baffles usually last about 300 to 400 hours. To repair the muffler the entire exhaust system has to be removed, muffler gutted, rebuilt and then reinstalled. Downtime and expense is incurred. LEES say their US Patented, FAA/PMA muffler baffle repair kits will be competitively priced and will far outlast other baffles.

LEES plans to have FAA/PMA approved parts available for exhaust system repairscovering all of the most popular and common exhaust parts & fittings. LEES will be the only United States manufacturing company, that their aware of, selling FAA/PMA approved exhaust system repair parts. LEES will update their website periodically so make sure you check it out!

Our Custom Pipes are built to order - be sure and get your requests in early. (more...)


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