GlasAir Sportsman 2+2 prototype

GlasAir Sportsman 2+2 prototype was completed utilizing LEES power proven Super Cub muffler.  Four new risers were developed using our Equal Length theory. The pipes were  sent to LY-CON Engine Rebuilding in Visalia, CA., phone number 559-651-1070 where dyno tests were completed. The high performance 180 Hp engine not only produced 15 more Hp but RPM’s were increased 200 rpm’s. The test was done utilizing the stock no baffled equal length exhaust system and the LEES new 180Hp equal length pipes. No other changes were made except the exhaust system was swapped. All other variables remained exactly the same. We are working with the aircraft owner and mechanic here in Anchorage to install and perform flight tests soon.

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"Take- off was reduced by nearly half "

Climb rating to 3000m reduced from 20min to 17 min


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