Dyno tests just completed comparing Straight pipes, Stock Super Cub, and Sutton exhaust system.

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The first thing everyone should be aware of is that LEES requested the following dynamometer testing be accomplished at LY-CON Engine Rebuilding. LY-CON had no involvement other than performing the tests at LEES’ request. If you have any questions regarding the testing please direct them to Dane Wagner Sr., President, Leading Edge Exhaust Systems, LLC. LY-CON Engine Rebuilding is entirely too busy to handle extraneous phone calls.

We want to start out by giving you a little background on the very first dyno tests, done in about July of 2004, that compared Leading Edge Exhaust Systems, LLC’s PA-18ESA exhaust system and LY-CON straight pipes. LEES wanted to confirm our design by testing our PA-18ESA with inherent back pressure to straight pipes. The tests were done at LY-CON Engine Rebuilding. LY-CON is the largest engine rebuilding shop on the United States west coast. LY-CON is a Lycoming and Continental approved engine repair facility. LY-CON is located in Visalia, California.

The test results demonstrate how well Leading Edge Exhaust Systems, LLC’s U.S. Patented Super Cub exhaust perform when compared to LY-CON straight pipes. The typical assumption is the straight pipes out perform exhaust systems in general. This standard assumption is based on the belief that straight pipes produce less back pressure than an entire exhaust system, which is usually true. (Straight pipes are what most engine shops and engine manufacturers use when they test an engine.) One thing usually omitted from this line of thinking is that LEES developed a muffler baffle that was unique enough to be awarded a United States Patent. LEES used balance, lower back pressure, valve overlap and designed a firing order into the exhaust system to enhance engine performance. The extremely well-balanced back pressure between all four cylinders, using LEES’ PA-18ESA, is within .05psi. and is a much better balance than the stock OEM exhaust system. The tests results also show the degradation in performance when the muffler baffles were removed from the LEES’ PA-18ESA muffler. Some companies claim that power is lost when the muffler baffles are left in the muffler. These specific dyno test results are also included in the “What’s News?”section. We encourage you to read them.

The first comparison tests were done a couple months ago using a Lycoming O360A1A engine factory rated at 180Hp. The Dyno was set up to use a constant speed prop, which is normally used. The LY-CON straight pipes pulled 190Hp @ 2740 RPM and the torque was 366lb/ft. The Leading Edge Exhaust pulled 202 Hp @ 2780 RPM and the torque was 370lb/ft. Lees pulled 12 more Hp and more torque with the entire exhaust system installed. Another important thing to remember was LEES’ muffler utilizes our patented muffler baffles. Unlike other manufacturers who remove baffles from an exhaust system for dyno testing, there are no “Gutless Wonder” claims being made here.

The most recent tests, performed in January 2005, utilized a Lycoming AEIO-360B1F- LY-CON aerobatic, high performance ported 180 Hp engine that produces 200Hp. The two important things to remember are that a fixed pitch prop was used and the throttle setting was identical for all  three tests. The only change” was the exhaust system used for that specific dyno test. This gives a true and accurate reflection regarding Hp, Torque and RPM when only one variable is changed, that being the exhaust system.

The three tests were done back to back and used LY-CON straight pipes, the factory issued Super Cub OEM exhaust system with muffler baffles and the new Sutton Exhaust System. The Sutton Exhaust as advertised on their website has no muffler baffles, and uses the shortest path for exhaust egress.  Sutton claims this provides better performance and 5% more thrust.



Now you can make an educated decision based on the Dyno test data supplied.

1st test: LY-CON straight pipes 204HP-396 lb/ft torque @2740 RPM

2nd test Factory issued OEM Super Cub Exhaust System that includes muffler baffles: 185 Hp-370lb/ft torque @ 2650 RPM

3rd test Sutton Exhaust 176Hp-356 lb/ft torque @2630 RPM without muffler baffles

Now it’s your turn do some basic math. If you have a stock engine and a stock Super Cub OEM exhaust and know what the factory numbers are; HP; Torque; and RPM you can do your own comparisons. Each individual engine can have different test results. The test results we discuss here were for the model engine listed. The engine test results can vary based on these variables, including temperature, humidity, altitude, mixture and propeller.

We hope this test data will help everyone understand the actual and more importantlyrealistic performance gains before they spend their money on products with unsupported claims.

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