150Hp equal length Super Cub High performance exhaust system

LEES 150Hp equal length Super Cub High performance exhaust system was installed on  Murphy Rebel in Canada. The owner is in the process of getting us some photos to publish. He said rpm’s increased both static and in flight. In flight cruise speeds also increased. The exhaust system the owner installed after the plane was completed was the old tandem style Piper PA-12 exhaust system. We knew that the rpm and power would increase based on previous dyno tests at LYCON Engine Rebuilding using LEES High Performance exhaust. If you are building a Rebel and utilize a Piper PA-12 short mount engine mount our pipes will probably fit. I believe you can request an engine mount like our customer built and gain great performance. It´s worth a try!!Our Canadian customer our system fit like a glove and produced great power. We will publish the data and picture as quick as we receive them from Canada.

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"The Leading Edge Exhaust collectors far outlast other systems we have used in the past. "

Charles Rodgers
Director of Maintenance
Village Aviation

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