The new exhaust system has been a definite asset

I installed the new leading edge exhaust on my C-A185F on Whipline 3730 amphibious floats,to achieve better performance in hot weather no wind take-off conditions.
After installation of the PMCF exhaust (NOTE: Installation of the system is simple and hassle free) I immediately noticed a considerable difference in take-off performance off the water. High ambient temp with high humidity is no longer an issue! The cylinder head temps have also decreased 10-15’F on average. The new exhaust system has been a definite asset to our Fishing Lodge at Macintyre Lake , in Northern Saskatchewan , Canada, flying supplies in and out of the lodge.

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"We save 3 to 5 man-hours on each 100 hr. inspection "

We have 10 of your exhaust systems installed on our company aircraft. Three of them are well into their second engine

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