We have received many compliments on our products and have customer references in every part of the United States. The most common customer comment we hear is that their plane climbs out better. Sometimes when a customer has to fly on the edge, they say, the Leading Edge Exhaust System definitely performs much better than stock. We have heard from numerous customers that their engine makes more rpm’s with our exhaust system.

The following comments are some of the ones we have received from our customers and I thought they were worth repeating. The first comment was from a customer that had his Cub on floats; he said as soon as he got airborne the engine would redline. I explained this to Gary B., another customer that flies as a guide here in Alaska, and he said I can tell you what to tell the next customer who says he redlines; tell them to “Pull the Nose Up”. I laughed so hard when I heard that, but is a very apropos statement. Anyway get your set ordered as soon as you can so you can pull the nose up!

The next story relates to two customers that guide together. Bill V. has a 180 Hp and Rob J. has the160 Hp Cub. Rob with the 160Hp said when he took off from the mountain strip he had to drop the nose to get the airspeed needed. Bill with the 180Hp didn’t have to do that. Rob said once he put the system on he can now take straight off from the mountain like Bill.

The next pilot’s name is Dick W. He is a well known pilot that flies in the western states and the airports are usually at higher elevations and very hot. He stated that obstacle clearance performance is a big attribute using our exhaust system. He also said his PA-18-160HP Super Cub performs extremely well considering the density altitude and very short runways.

I just talked customer named Chris Johnson of Engineered Cub Components. Inc.-Phone # 907-688-7095. He said his 160hp Super Cub he just built climbs out @ 1500’/minute. There are photos of his plane in the PA-18 photo gallery, tail #67CJ. These are just a few of the stories that have been relayed to me. We have many customer references if you would like to talk directly with them.

My recommended installation facility here in Alaska is BJ’s Custom Aircraft Engines located at the Palmer, Alaska airport. The person to contact is Bob Lutz Jr. He has been very instrumental and a great help through the entire PA-12 and PA-18 projects. He is actually the one doing a short field take-off in our television commercial. Their phone number is: 1-907-745-6030.

"We are so impressed with the innovative design "

We installed our first set of exhaust stacks on one of our Cessna 207´s . We sold the airplane before we went to engine TBO, so didn´t get a life on the exhaust, but we are so impressed with the innovative design, we have installed LEES’ exhaust collectors on our entire fleet of 206 and 207’s.

Mike Hageland
Anchorage, Ak

"Take- off was reduced by nearly half "

My experience after your PMCF dual exhaust system was installed on C-182K -67′ with almost 200 flight hours is:

  • The fuel burning was reduced from 60 to 57 liters!!
  • The take- off was reduced by nearly half.(with combination STOL kit).
  • Climb rating to 3000m reduced from 20min to 17 min.
  • Climb rating to 3500m 21-22 min.
  • I also installed also Sportsman Stol and Madras super wing tips!


"The new exhaust system has been a definite asset "

I installed the new leading edge exhaust on my C-A185F on Whipline 3730 amphibious floats,to achieve better performance in hot weather no wind take-off conditions.
After installation of the PMCF exhaust (NOTE: Installation of the system is simple and hassle free) I immediately noticed a considerable difference in take-off performance off the water. High ambient temp with high humidity is no longer an issue! The cylinder head temps have also decreased 10-15’F on average. The new exhaust system has been a definite asset to our Fishing Lodge at Macintyre Lake , in Northern Saskatchewan , Canada, flying supplies in and out of the lodge.

Quinn Darichuk

"I gained approx. 8-10kts , in air speed "

“I gained approx. 8-10kts , in air speed in wheel ski configuration and 25-35 degree reduction in cylinder EGT readings”. I will update you with more photos and testimonials as the year goes on, configured with wheels and Amphibian floats.

Northern Saskatchewan

"The design and integrity of these systems will be hard to surpass "

Exhaust system engineering has been a neglected science by the Manufacturers for too many years. Your contribution to this hole in the Aviation Industry has been appreciated and successfully applied by many of us. I have added 8 sets of Leading Edge Exhaust System manifolds to my fleet over the past 1-½ years and have yet to experience any exhaust leakage from these units. The design and integrity of these systems will be hard to surpass for years to come.

Bryan Andrus
Anchorage, AK

"3200 maintenance free hours "

I have used a Leading edge Exhaust on my Cessna 206 for 3200 maintenance free hours.

S. Elg
Anchorage, AK

"We have over 2800 hours on the same Leading Edge exhaust "

Priewe Air Service, Inc. cannot thank you enough for supplying such a superior product- Leading Edge Exhaust. As you know, in commercial aviation, down time due to maintenance is the highest direct cost of operations. When the prop stops turning, the revenue stops coming in, but all the fixed costs still need to be paid. We cannot afford to lose one flight due to unscheduled maintenance problems.

We are so pleased with your Leading Edge Exhaust! We have over 2800 hours on the same Leading Edge exhaust on our C206, and we haven´t had to put the airplane down once in that time for exhaust repairs / maintenance. And, it looks as good today as the day we had it installed.

You have an exceptionally fine product that will benefit any aviation company´s bottom line if they will only give it a try! It is worth it, worth it, worth it!!!

Lisa Priewe
Anchorage, AK

"Just exceptional "

The I0-550-G & PMCF exhaust is just an amazing combo with incomparable performances even with amphibious floats !   T-O at gross are incredibly simple, climbs like crazy and free of vibations !!! The engine combo is so well balanced that I can cruise 130mph @ 13 usgal/hour  this is just exceptional !

Joel Francoeur

"We save 3 to 5 man-hours on each 100 hr. inspection "

I would like to congratulate you on your Leading Edge Exhaust System design for the Cessna 206/207 aircraft. We have 10 of your exhaust systems installed on our company aircraft. Three of them are well into their second engine change with over 2600 hours time.

Our aircraft are operated in western Alaska with year round temperatures as low a -30C with up to 20 starts a day.

Your Leading Edge Exhaust System has proven to be superior to the other two brands we were previously using. We save 3 to 5 man-hours on each 100 hr. inspection with your systems, as no removal for repair is required.

Mark Sheets

"The Leading Edge Exhaust collectors far outlast other systems we have used in the past. "

The Leading Edge Exhaust collectors far outlast other systems we have used in the past.

Charles Rodgers

"Flying 8 knots faster "

Dear Dane,

You asked me for some information on your excellent exhaust system. After having run them for 150 hours I am raving about them more than ever. The engine is putting out distinctly more horsepower and running much cooler. For the same power setting on my IO-550 engine installed on a Cessna 185 on Aerocet 3400 Amphibious floats I am flying 8 knots faster and more than 25 degrees cooler CHT, than with the stock exhaust system. Equally as remarkable is how much cooler the engine runs. My normal flying in Alaska on a standard day would be full throttle, RPM set at 2550, the mixture set to 50 lean of peak, and the cowl flaps wide open to keep CHT under control. With the new exhaust system installed I now run at 25.5” of manifold pressure, 2500 RPM, mixture still 50 lean of peak, and the cowl flaps are now ¾ closed. This results in more than a gallon/hour of fuel savings while traveling faster than before. There were no other changes to airplane that would account for this startling increase in a very high drag float plane. Amazing results from improving the flow of engine exhaust. Your web site is 100% accurate on the explanation of this phenomenon. Thank you for making this dramatic improvement in my float plane. There are now lakes I can go in and out of with ease that I would have considered too dangerous in the past. I’m a believer!

Thanks again,
John Eckert

John Eckert

"Over 3400 hours and it shows no signs of deterioration "

I have had a Leading Edge Exhaust System on our company 206 for over 3400 hours and it shows no signs of deterioration. Hands down the best exhaust system out there.

Dano Bardwell
Kotzebue, Ak

"I couldn’t be happier with the new exhaust. "

The exhaust on my Cessna A185F on Aerocet 3500L has made a difference.  Yesterday, I left with full fuel, 4 people, baggage with 90F temperatures and no wind.   With the new exhaust, the airplane is an animal, breaking the water and climbing at 1000 FPM.   The exhaust lowered my CHTs by 20-30 degrees, evened out my EGTs to +/- 40 degrees and increased my airspeed on floats 2-3 knots.  Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the new exhaust.

Brad Libby