Our pipes are built to order


Leading Edge Exhaust Systems manufactures US Patented, High Performance FAA/PMA approved general aviation exhaust systems. All orders are considered custom and we build them one set at a time. Some systems require a full week to assemble; this does not include the mandrel bending time.

Production capacity each week:

1 Cessna 180, 182 and 185 Power Monster Cross Flow Dual Exhaust system or
2 Cessna 205/210 systems or
2 PA-12, PA-18, or PA20/22 systems or
1 Pre-55 C180 Dual exhaust systems can be completed.

Maule dual exhaust system is the next STC project. It is on the drawing board as we speak.

We are going to do a better job of scheduling to reduce the back log. We realize the mandrel bender problems we’ve  encountered over the past two years caused a lot of delays and we apologize for them…catching up has been difficult to say the least. If LEES estimated completion date will not fit your schedule, maybe the only option is buying a readily available, rapid production stock performing OEM exhaust system from another company….the choice is yours. We truly appreciate the large number of inquiries and orders received from around the world and will do our best to build a high performance exhaust system to fit your plans. The recent addition of the 180, 182 and 185 PMCF High Performance Dual Exhaust System has added 30,000 aircraft at a minimum to our customer base.

We wanted to publish an explanation better suited for future orders.

Sincerely, Dane Wagner

Owner, Leading Edge Exhaust Systems, LLC

Our Custom Pipes are built to order - be sure and get your requests in early. (more...)


"The design and integrity of these systems will be hard to surpass "

I have added 8 sets of Leading Edge Exhaust System manifolds to my fleet over the past 1-½ years and have yet to experience any exhaust leakage

Bryan Andrus
Director of Maintenance
Arctic Transportation Services
Anchorage, AK
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