Noise test data for the Cessna 180, 182 and 185 Aircraft has been accepted.

Attention Cessna 180, 182 and 185 owners!!

LEES’ noise test data for the Cessna 180, 182 and 185 Aircraft has been accepted. It is being sent to FAA AEG  for final review. The noise test data will be applied to all models listed on the PSCP. The first aircraft is the Cessna 185 -185E with the Continental IO470 F model engine as well as the C185 F with the IO520D model engine. Other 180, 182 aircraft with the IO 520D and / or IO470F engines with an approved installation will be approved on a different STC. At this time we are accepting new orders for the C185PMCF Production Build List.  The current price, due to the cost of conducting FAA required noise testing, for the PMCF with under belly twin tailpipes is $5495.00.  The down payment required is 40% or $2198.00; balance of $3297.00 due upon completion.

Early model 180’s with the large cowl flaps: add $750.00 for the long tailpipes. Customers on the “200 Build List” will be contacted in the priority listed. The customer supplied aircraft data will be reviewed and if the engine they have listed is one approved on the PSCP model list they will be contacted first.   Other models soon:  180 – 180 J models with the Continental O470 K,L,R and S models are included on the PSCP as well as the 180K O,470U, 182 -182P with the O470 L, R and S models and finally the182 Q&R with the O470 U.

Note: All new customers will receive a fill in the blank engine mount measurement questionnaire when they get back to us with the down payment or are placing a new order. Initially, It is going to take about 2 months to receive raw materials and fabricate enough parts in order to build the first 20 systems for customers on the “200 Build List”. We will do like we always have; Mandrel bending, Ram / End Forming, Water Jet Cutting and Press Forming in 20 set runs.

Each order will require 40% down payment with the balance being due upon completion. We are staffed to complete 1 system per week in addition to the many other exhaust systems we manufacture. In the meantime we will be interviewing certified TIG welders.

Notice as of this date7-02-2013 the “200 Build List” is being removed. New orders will be put on a new “Production Build List, first come –first served and will be notified when their name appears. We will only add names to the new “Production Build List” when we receive the required information i.e. name, address, email address, aircraft model, engine model, style of engine mount and propeller.

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