Cessna 185F/ IO-520D STC Approved!!

Attention Cessna 180, 182 and 185 owners!!

Cessna 185F/ IO-520D STC Approved!!

We were notified by the Anchorage FAA/ACO office 185 STC was issued today, August, 19, 2013! At this time we are accepting new orders for the C185PMCF Production Build List.

Cessna 182/180 Models coming soon.

Early model 180’s with the large cowl flaps: add $750.00 for the long tailpipes. Other models soon: 182 -182P with the O470 L, R and S models and finally the182 Q&R with the O470 U, 180 – 180 J models with the Continental O470 K,L,R and S models are included on the PSCP as well as the 180K O-470U. NOTE: all O 470 models require carb heat and climb/cooling tests. The PMCF muffler was designed for performance as well as cabin heat.  Carburetor heat models require a carb heat flange, CAHF, to generate carb heat. The PMCF muffler does not produce carb heat. The O model carbureted engines will require a CAHF and the additional costs will be $350.00. We are getting things in order for flight testing as we speak.

Note: All new customers will receive a fill in the blank engine mount measurement questionnaire when placing an order. You can email it back to us when completed.

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