Pre 55 Cessna 180 Dual Exhaust System is Approved!!

The STC was issued on September 12, 2011. The model aircraft it was approved for have serial numbers 604, 615 and 30000 through 32661 that are equipped with FAA approved installation instructions of Continental O-470 K, L, R or S model engines. Note: If you have the “ tilt down seaplane mount” P/N 0751003-31 add $750.00 to price.

The price is $4995.00 and is complete with: 321 SS R/H and L/H 3-1 US Patented Collectors, two new mufflers, new muffler shrouds, tailpipes with new exhaust flange gaskets and tail pipe clamps.

The back pressure has been greatly reduced with the 1-3/4″ primary tubes being large enough to handle a 550 engine. The primary tubes also incorporate a slip joint to accommodate expansion and contraction and do away with the original 2 part 1-1/2″ beaded end risers that were inherent to leakage and very difficult to remove.

We accept all major credit cards. A purchase requires 40% down payment of $1998.00 and the balance due, $2997.00, upon completion.


Please note; all of our sales are sold as customer specific sales. Due to popularity and demand of LEES’ products we do not stock any of the products we manufacture. The down payment is required in order to procure materials required to build LEES’ exhaust systems. Therefore there are no refunds on down payments.

We anticipate a lot of orders simply due to the amount of emails we have received during the past few years. If you want a system allocated in your name we cannot over emphasize you placing your order ASAP. At that time, we will provide you with an estimated completion date. If you wait…. it will much more difficult to provide you with one. Time is of the essence!

Orders will be filled on a first come/serve basis.

Please email us any questions you may have to:

Thank you your continued interest and support in LEES´ Custom Exhaust Systems.

” Quality Isn´t Expensive….It´s Priceless!” TM

"We are so impressed with the innovative design "

We have installed LEES’ exhaust collectors on our entire fleet of 206 and 207’s

Mike Hageland
Secy/ Treas
Hageland Aviation
Anchorage, Ak full review

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